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FederalGovOpps is your one-stop search for business opportunities with the Federal Government.

FederalGovOpps differs from the FedBizOpps.gov by adding better matching and searching algorithms, as well as additional tips that help increase your chances of success in winning that Federal Government contract.

What FederalGovOps is NOT:We are not the government.

Who is FederalGovOpps?We are a private business specializing in helping business like yours bid and win on Federal Government contracts

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How to Succeed in Government Contracting: from amazon.com

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Terms of Service

Modified: May 17, 2018

Accessing this website through your assigned login credentials binds you to these terms and conditions. Paid users have additional terms and conditions list below.

FederalGovOpps.com is a search engine for federal, state and local contracts. FederalGovOpps.com uses proprietary algorithms to index the content fro m the contracting sites permitting the user a better and faster search. The search results will either navigate directly to the opportunity page of the actual contracting site or to the main contracting site page, when deep linking is not permitted by the contracting website.


Customer = is any non-administrative user invited to access the content on this website.

Primary User = is a customer listed and imported from the SAM.GOV database. Only primary users can update their information from SAM.GOV or choose an upgrade entitlement option.

Free User = is a primary user that has not elected to pay for an entitlement option. Most users find the free access level is sufficient for their needs. Free access users are limited to one hour per every thirty days. When your time, as free user has expired, future login attempts wills show you your next free access date. Free users have this limitation to prevent heavy server load that could interfere and impact the operations of the paid users. Free users have the option to extend their access in hourly increments by paying the appropriate hourly extension option.

Hourly Extension Option = allows a free user to continue access the free user content ONLY for an additional hour after their free monthly hour has expired. This option does not entitle the primary user to any entitlement options. The primary user remains as a free user. WILL BE RETIRED ON 7/15/2017 AND REPLACED WITH A 24 HOUR UNRESTRICTED SINGLE PAYMENT OPTION. Beginning 7/15/2017 you will be able try all features for 24 hours at a one time cost of a single payment. At the end of the 24 hour period, you will be reverted back to the free access level. This includes trying out the Federal Biz Opps email notification.

Entitlement Option = is a fee-based upgrade option and upon successful payment of the associated fee, the primary user becomes entitled to the features available for the option selected.

Entitlement User = is a primary user who elected to upgrade by purchasing an entitlement option. The Hourly Extension Option does not qualify the customer to be an entitlement user.

Subscriber = is an entitlement user who paid a recurring fee whether monthly or annually to have unlimited access to the content on this website. Including the search API and other premium features

One-Time Subscriber = is an entitlement user who paid a non-recurring fee for an entitlement option for a fixed duration. At the end of the duration, this user will be reverted back to the free user access level.

Sub-account User = is a customer created by entitlement user. Only a entitlement users can create sub-accounts. Sub-account users cannot create additional sub-account users nor can they request refunds, cancellations or update the entitlement user information from SAM.GOV. Other than these restrictions, the sub-account user has the same access as the entitlement user. When an entitlement user looses their entitlement option and reverted back to a free user, any sub-account users created will be prohibited from accessing the website.

Current Entitlement Options:

Hourly Extension Option – a one time payment for extra time to continue your free access from the date of first login after the purchase is made.. At the end of your extension hour, (including additional hours purchased) you have the option to extend for an additional hour. RETIRING 7/15/2017

Unrestricted Hour – a one time payment to try all the features with full access for twenty four hours from the time of first login after the purchase is made. This option is beneficial for those users who want to see what is included STARTING ON 7/15/2017

30 Day Access – a one time payment, non recurring, non renewed option which gives full access for 30 days from the date of first login after the upgrade purchase is made. At the end of thirty days, you have the option to extend for an additional thirty days or change to a recurring subscription.

Monthly Subscription – a recurring monthly subscription with automatic renewals which gives full access for every 30 days as long as the subscription remains in effect. A lapse subscription will be reverted to the free access level.

Annual Subscription – an recurring annual subscription with automatic annual renewals which guarantees you full access for each years as long as your subscription remains active. Refunds will revert to the free access level.

E-Mail Notification of Federal Opportunities

E-Mail notification of federal opportunities is an entitlement option and no duplicates only apply to the current active entitlement and not previous entitlements that are no longer active. In other words, if previously purchased an entitlement and received email notification under that entitlement and then canceled or let the entitlement lapse, then you purchase another entitlement, the duplicate resets on the new entitlement but you may receive duplicates from a previous entitlement but no duplicates for the current active entitlement.

Circumvention Prohibited:

Circumventing or bypassing access controls when you are not entitled to the services being accessed through circumvention or other means is strictly prohibited and in some jurisdictions is unlawful, for which upon discovery, law enforcement will be notified. Also applies to instances known as friendly fraud, e.g. charge backs.

Refund Policy:

For Subscribers who purchased before 7/15/2017: Upon a successful payment of the subscription, if you choose to cancel your subscription before midnight of the first upcoming Friday, you will receive 80% refund (e.g., if you paid on Tuesday you have until Friday at 23:59 to cancel to receive 80% refund), after the first Friday from the first payment date has lapse and prior to midnight of one day before your first 28th days of your subscription, you will receive 50% refund (e.g., if you paid on Tuesday, May 2, 2017 you have until May 29, 2017 at 23:59 to request a refund and received a 50% refund). After the first 28 days, no refunds will be permitted, including on renewals. Cancellations are permitted, but the cancellation request must be received before the renewal date. To initiate a refund, can be accomplished from your account page after login, or by sending an email to [email protected] (the time stamp on the email determines the refund amount and eligibility.) A receipt is sent automatically from Stripe, our payment processor, when a refund request has been completed successfully. Upon a successful refund, the subscriber will loose their entitlement option immediately. A refund will also cancel the subscription.

No refunds for the hourly extension option or other one-time subscribers.


Canceling a Subscription:

For Subscribers: You may cancel your subscription without initiating a refund and this will prevent future charges to your credit card. You will have full access for the remaining of your subscription period. You will not loose your entitlement for the remainder of your subscription term as long as no refund request has been successfully completed, After your subscription period has lapse, you will be reverted back to the limited free access. YOUR CANCELLATION MUST BE RECEIVED 27 DAYS BEFORE YOUR NEXT RENEWAL DATE. The cancellation process is automated from your account page. If you make a cancellation request by email, that request is performed by a staff member, in the event that you sent your cancellation request by the cutoff deadline and your credit card was charge for the next term, due to our error, we will initiate a full refund of the renewal. You will retain current access level until the end of your paid subscription interval, then you will be reverted back to the free level. NO REFUNDS ON RECURRING SUBSCRIPTIONS. YOU MUST CANCEL YOUR SUBSCRIPTION BEFORE THE RENEWAL DATE.

Request to Delete Account:

We will not honor any request to delete your account from our system (see privacy policy). User information is used to help other customers in matching opportunities for the NAICS sanity check and missed opportunities.


Charge back is a serious form of circumvention and abuse, also is referred to as friendly fraud. We will, without hesitation, seek judicial intervention for all charge backs, including equitable relief and any additional sanctions the court deems just and proper. We will submit a police report to the local jurisdiction of the user that had committed the alleged offense. Law enforcement has the sole determination whether to pursue this matter.

Import Scheduling

In order to keep costs down, we employ automated methods for importing new government opportunities into our local database.

Federal opportunities import operations are entirely automated and performed daily after midnight EST from Tuesday through Saturday for the previous day. Email notification for paid subscribers are performed daily at 6:00 am EST, depending the scheduling frequency the subscriber has selected.

State opportunities import operations are about 50% automated. That is half of the states are imported automatically between 7:00 – 9:00 am EST. The remaining States require operator assistance and performed weekly on Sundays.

Local opportunities import operations are either automated daily or manually imported weekly on Sundays.

We work diligently to prevent duplicate entries during the import process whether automated or operator assisted. If you see a duplicate, please notify us at [email protected]


Updates to these Terms:

These terms are reviewed periodically for statutory compliance and updated accordingly and affect all users retroactively unless stated otherwise. If you believe there is a discrepancy, please email your concern to [email protected] describing your issue or concern in detail and we will review the discrepancy and take appropriate action, if needed.

Privacy Policy

Updated: July 2, 2017

We use the public SAM.GOV to verify a user’s business information, and collect NAICS/PSC codes for the purpose of matching opportunities. We also collect the DUNS which becomes the primary user login as well as the business email on file for notification when changes are made to the user account, opt-in notification of matching opportunities.

Credit Card Numbers:

We do not collect credit card numbers. When paying for premium features through a subscription plan, your credit card number is keep at our credit card processor. We only have access to the last four digits of the credit card and only from our credit card processor dashboard account. When a payment is made, our credit card processor generates a unique customer id and we keep that associated with your account. This customer ID is useless to anyone but us and cannot be used unless from our credit card processor dashboard account. We also have two level authentication enabled for accessing our credit card processor dashboard account which prevents unauthorized access


We do log you last login time for free limited users to inform you, as free user when your session has expired and when your next free session will become available. We also log each time you access this service using http://ip-api.com service and only collect your ISP name/location (city & geo), timezone and zip code as per our payment processor recommended requirements.

Email Harvesting:

We do not harvest emails for sending unsolicited messages to the email holder that are in non-compliant with the CAN SPAM Act.

Unsolicited Emails:

We do not send non-compliant CAN SPAM Act unsolicited emails. Access to this website is by invitation in accordance with CAN SPAM Act. You must request access by completing the “Request for Access” form, which requires your full name, business email, company name , DUNS number and authorize the receipt of email communication.. You must have an active record in the SAM.GOV database. We will then verify your entries with SAM.GOV, if they match, an welcome invitation email will be sent to the email on file at SAM.GOV.

EMail Notification

We do save your previous email notifications to prevent duplicate notifications from being sent. The email notifications are sent to the registered email on file.

Google Analytics

We use Google analytics for site page navigation, visitor tracking. We do not track searches or search keywords. More about Google Analytics Privacy Policy can be found here https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/6004245?hl=en

Google Adsense

We display advertisements using Google Adsense for the FREE access users ONLY. When you become a subscriber or paid user, we disable Google Adsense code. Does not apply to hourly users who extend their time per hour. More about Google Adsense privacy policy can be found here https://www.google.com/intl/en_US/policies/privacy/.


Opt-out future email advertisements is instant and a single step.

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